The RGMMC Group is a well-established motorsport management company, with its interests in Event organisation and promotion, consultancy, Manufacturing of Chemicals, Technology innovation and manufacturing.

Established over 20 years ago we have created a strong competent reputation in the motorsport world. Being involved in Karting, Rally Cross, Touring Car, GT Series, Formula racing and Motocross, is what differentiates the RGMMC Group to its competitors.

At the RGMMC Group we have a simple driving philosophy which was embedded in the company from the first day which still today remains to be the heart of the company, the philosophy is attention to detail and Innovation. We function in a high speed industry, keeping up with the times is an absolute must in order to push the market further. We look forward to our 2016 series, with plenty of new innovations being released to the market place as well as our newly formed company branding and ideals.

The RGMMC Group’s man power consists of high profile specialists from the motorsport industry. The team of over 30 people coming from all across Europe offer expertise in every single field from organisation, race control, technology innovation, build up and media.

With a wealth of experience spanning some 40 years in sales, marketing and sponsorship, Roland is able to combine his passion for motorsport with a pragmatic business approach, which led to the creation of RGMMC as one of the most respected event management companies to exist in the world of karting.

Roland Geidel

From driver to Formula and GT racing engineer, James has gone on to become a race team manager and owner. He has developed a deep practical experience and understanding of the sport. Having been educated around Europe, James has acquired transferable skills that are essential in motorsport, such as his ability to speak a number of different languages. He also attended a British motorsport engineering college to develop his technical expertise and understanding of the sport and is now concentrating his effort on the continuous development of RGMMC, where his skills in motorsport business and management are being fully implemented.

James Geidel