Presenting the ANTI HIT DEVICE

The RGMMC Group is proud to announce a new Anti-Hit-Device (AHD) for Karting, which will set new standards to safety and sportsmanship.


AHD has been developed in collaboration with the Spanish electronic experts from Pixelcom. The system is supposed to assist or replace the controversial front fairing mounting provided by the CIK-FIA. Currently pushing actions of a driver are detected on the basis of a loose or detached front bumper after the race, automatically followed by a time penalty.


Practice has proven that the analysis whether a penalty or pushing incident was justified or not can be rather difficult. Critics keep complaining the bumpers detach too quickly and that the system is not reliable enough, destroying the idea of close racing. Moreover controlling and managing of the front fairing mounting kits take the event organisers a lot of effort and time.


In order to reduce the mentioned disadvantages RGMMC developed AHD, which can assist the current system of the front fairing mounting or even replace it. Being event organiser for over 20 years now RGMMC knows about the needs of racing, especially karting which RGMMC is involved in with two own international series like the X30 Euro Series and the ROTAX MAX Euro Challenge.


“As many others we have not been happy with the current solution of the CIK-FIA front fairing mounting. As RGMMC is always looking for innovations which improve our sports, we developed AHD”, says James Geidel RGMMC Vice President.

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