RGMMC’s new race control system

The RGMMC Group is thrilled to announce its newest product.

For years we have been developing our race control system.
We have learnt from our experiences and now created the most sophisticated, easy to use race control systems on the market.
With a mechanical lens, auto focus, auto colour and easy build up, by far this is the best solution for motorsport race control systems.

We have made many systems in the past, our goal has always been to make the systems easier to use and easier to build up and down, especially important for race organisers visiting different venues. With our new design, the camera itself takes power from POE (Power Over Ethernet) meaning the camera does not need a direct power cable. The power comes from the network cable, so with just two cable ties, your camera is in place.

In the past, budget was a major factor for organisers not having a quality race control. We believe that today it is impossible to run a championship without a high quality race control. This is the reason why we have spent the time and effort in creating a system
which is affordable to everyone. Karting has changed so much over the years across the board. It is important that even the smallest national series has race control in order to guarantee the fairness of the driving standards in the sport.

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