Advancement in Motorsport

The RGMMC Group offers a wide range of services to race promoters and event organisers. If you are interested in what we can do to help your organisation or race series, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or telephone.

Our services do not only focus on karting. We also cover popular touring car championships and spectacular rallycross races, which shows our allround skills in motorsports.

Our event management starts at the very beginning from planning and preparing the event with regulations, forms, booklets, subscriptions, ID cards and timetables, as well as logistics and arrangements on track.

Running the event includes the race office, driver briefings, the technical and sporting controls as well as timing, TV coverage and the prize giving ceremony. We supply the full range of customized services and packages for race series and promoters.



The RGMMC Group’s man power consists of high profile specialists from the motorsport industry. The team of over 30 people coming from all across Europe offer expertise in every single field from organisation, race control, technology innovation, build up and media.


Buy / rent

HD race-control cameras, clutch control systems, electronic marshal systems, safety lights, time keeping, communication devices, ID Card printers, commentary systems or code scanners are some of our highlights that may enrich your racing event.


Products, systems etc.

We never rest on our laurels but always keep on improving and developing our services and products persistently. In collaboration with our industry partners we invent and produce innovations for all kind of motorsport purposes.


Marketing, Design

RGMMC is an expert in the field of promotion. Screening of live action to the spectators, barbecue parties, live music performances or eye catching grid girls afford an unforgettable experience for everyone on location.

Telemundi Media

Online TV, Interviews

Telemundi Media broadcasts everything live – race action, interviews and background stories bring viewers as close as possible to the course of events. That applies to our media and press department covering the events with texts and photos.


We make it happen

Our work of event management starts at the very beginning like planning and preparing the event with regulations, forms, booklets, subscriptions, ID cards and timetable. But we care for logistics and arrangements on the track too.