Whats new in 2017?

2017 will prove to be another year full of innovation and development for the RGMMC International kart events. RGMMC takes pride in working hard over the Winter period in further developing our systems, entertainment and overall general race event structure.

So what are we doing?

-2016 showed the birth of RGMMC’s sister TV production company Telemundi media. After much success and constant improvement in the streaming of the RGMMC events, we have decided to take it to the next level in 2017. Currently in the process of constructing a mobile TV production truck with built in race control rooms and a graphic / animation department, we aim to deliver a more professional, entertaining production over the Saturday and Sunday of each RGMMC event. With aims to market our stream and post productions to a wider audience showing the viewers a more behind the scene, raw view of karting and the level of professionalism involved.

-AHD system; for those who don’t know… is an Anti-hit device created by RGMMC and PIXELCOM engineering in 2016 and introduced at some of the RGMMC events towards the end of the year. We have developed the system to be more user friendly to mount and improved the software to enhance the functionality and efficiency of the system. This system can detect any contact made on the rear of a kart and send a signal to the race control for viewing and judging.

-We welcome our new team chef… Tolis! We are pleased to introduce the newest member to the RGMMC team. A high class Mediterranean chef from Greece will be touring with the RGMMC crew as head chef for the Staff and help develop a new form of on track hospitality in 2017 we have been planning over the last 12 months.

-Has regulations become to hard? …. Keeping to the regulations has always been a key principle to the RGMMC philosophy in organising a fair event. However, after much review the RGMMC Group has put a lot of thought and time in differentiating between necessity and common sense. We will remain to follow our regulations to the letter with some new features in 2017. Whereas in the past if a driver is the victim of a mechanical error or failure, he is not permitted to take part in the session. We have altered the sporting regulations to assist him better so at least the driver can still get the track time should the mechanic follow the instructions correctly.

-Ages…. To avoid any confusion regarding the ages you can race with at RGMMC events we have made it clear.

-If you are born 2007, 2006, 2005 you can driver Mini classes.

-If you are born 2005, 2004, 2003 ­– We also will allow those drivers who have their 15th    birthday in the year of the event to participate in the Junior class.

-If you are born 2003 or earlier you can race seniors.

-If you are born 2002 or earlier you can race gear box classes.

-Let’s bring more fun back to the sport! As sports develop and grow more professional the fun factor can sometimes be left behind. A key goal for RGMMC in 2017 is to create more paddock gatherings and parties for the parents, drivers and teams.

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